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Vinyl Transfer Services

Do you still listen to your phonograph records?

Back in the early 1980’s, a remarkable new medium for the playback of recorded music came into existence—the Compact Digital Audio Disc, or “CD”. It was conveniently small in size, fairly hard to scratch or damage, and could hold an amazing 74 minutes of music on a single side.

In a bit more than a decade after that, this shiny little disc had pretty much taken over from the audio cassette and LP record formats that had been the standards for quite a long time. Portable players and car players became available, and almost every newly released recording in the world made its way onto CD.

One thing did not happen, however. While many popular, and a handful of rarer music titles were eventually re-released on the new medium, it was simply not practical to reissue everything. “Everything”, after all, amounts to hundreds of thousands of recordings from the dawn of Thomas Edison’s phonograph and Emile Berliner’s gramophone to the half-speed recorded, direct metal mastered audiophile LPs of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

After the CD had established itself as the preferred music format, more than a few people sold or even discarded their collection of vinyl LPs and 45s. Many music lovers couldn’t bear to part with their records, but enamored of the durability and noise-free performance of the digital disc, they began to find the pops, ticks and crackles of records less endearing. To this day, millions of 33s, 45s and even 78s lie stashed in closets, garages and basements all over the world, no longer played and enjoyed.

If this latter situation sounds familiar, you may be one of those who have gotten the urge to dig those old recordings out and hear them again, only to find that (A) you no longer have a record player, (B) you do but it no longer works, (C) it works but the records are seemingly even more crackly and noisy than you remember, or (D) they sound fine but how in the world will you get these old tunes onto your Ipod, or play them in your car?

This is where CJs can help

No matter which of the above problems is afflicting you, I have a potential solution. My over 20 years of professional work in the consumer audio trade and far more than that as a music lover and electronics hobbyist has gradually led me to become one of Southeastern PA’s most experienced turntable and record experts. Don’t leave all that music languish there in storage where no one can enjoy it—let me help you bring it back to life, and even make it better than ever.


• If you need a new turntable, I work personally with several area audio dealerships who carry quality turntables that I can tune up and calibrate for best performance.
• If your turntable is in need of repairs, I can repair it.
• If it can’t be repaired and you don’t want to invest in a new turntable, I can often provide quality refurbished machines at very reasonable prices.
• I can take your favorite vinyl records—or audio cassettes, open reel tape recordings, even old 78s—and transfer the music on them to CDs.

The last item is the newest way to bring life to your old music collection, and there has never been a better time to consider it.

Why? Because modern computer technology has made it practical and affordable to move your favorite music from the analog medium into the digital domain. Once this is done, the files on the CD are easily adaptable to all sorts of convenient forms such as MP3 players or hard-drive based media servers.

You can do this yourself, with a certain amount of effort and the proper equipment, or I can do it for you, whichever suits your needs best.

Cool! So what does it cost?

Keep in mind that by its very nature—with the widely varying condition of many old recordings—the time involved for each job can vary greatly. While I make use of computers, software, audiophile grade turntables and other sophisticated technology, much of the work is still hands-on.

For LP to CD transfers, I offer four different service levels that trade off cost vs. time involved. For tape media, I generally go by a cost-per-minute rate depending on the length of the recording.

Before I go further and detail any pricing, there are some important things you should know about how analog media gets into digital form. If you have a very large record collection, it may not be practical or cost-effective to try to transfer all of it. Once you have the facts, you can decide which path to take.

View Analog Media Transfer Rates

Thanks for reading, and let’s keep all that great old music alive!

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